Style at Any Age

Style at any age

Fashion has always been fixated with youth. The pressure to stay eternally young is what inspired me to start That’s Not My Age in the first place. The need to see more older models, more wrinkles, more diversity and less ageism in fashion. I know I’m not alone, there are tons of fabulous bloggers of a certain age out there (you can find a fair few in my Blog Roll) and by promoting older models and using photos of ourselves and other mid-lifers, I’d like to think we’re doing our bit to help shift attitudes.

I love this photo of Joan Burstein by The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman has the ability to beautifully capture stylish people of any age:

And, ta- dah! This morning, I opened the newspaper and found two age-related articles that helped take the edge off my hangover. One on the fact that grey haired, natural chic is on the up – I’m not going to be the one to say I told you so – with a great quote from Caryn Franklin, journalist and co-founder of All Walks on the Catwalk:

“Our culture is fearful of ageing,” said Franklin, “and especially ageing women. I say, ‘Stop apologising for getting older. Embrace it.’ I want young women to see that beauty ages beautifully and there is no need to feel that getting older is something that has to be medicated, managed with surgery or be obsessed about.”

And the other on the need to see more middle-aged women on telly. Chairman of the BBC Trust, Chris Patten, says he’d like to see more mature women presenting programmes:

“First of all, I’m 67, for heaven’s sake, and I’m married to a charming and beautiful 66-year-old, and I would be delighted if she was the face of anything on television.”

And I don’t think the former Conservative Party chairman was using his position at the BBC to find his wife a job. There are over 20 million Britons over 50 – let’s hope that this is a watershed, not a fad.

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