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Here are biographies and some lovely photos of the FYI team, sharing their stories and their passion for empowering older women to take the world by storm.

Mardi ArnoldMardi Arnold doesn’t just teach women how to live vibrant lives, she leads by example. Now in her 80s, Mardi is the active creator of her own life, continuing to seek out new endeavors. Her latest project, Mardi’s Parties, combines her creativity and love of social interaction to provide “murder mystery” type scenarios to help adults reconnect with their need for fun and play.

To maximize her energy, appearance, and vitality regardless of age, Mardi has been a life-long student of health, mindset, and nutrition. In 1995, she enrolled in a university specializing in holistic healing. In 2007-08, she was published in the Who’s Who of American Women. With Forever Youthful Image, she is looking forward to sharing her years of expertise and knowledge to help other women live amazing lives.

Amanda Blake Secola Amanda Blake Secola has a PASSION for older adults. It is the single motivating factor for her work today – personally and professionally. Forever Youthful Image (FYI) was founded in large part in answer to the question, “How to Age Gracefully?”. The answer, without fail, is very different to each unique individual. However, the theme of maintaining a youthful image seems to ring true in 95% of candidates interviewed. Combining a lifetime of interviews, interactions, opinions, and experience – the endeavor of bringing FYI to seniors should bring a smile to most who choose to interact with us.

Amanda Blake is a writer, author, speaker, motivational coach and consultant in a variety of fields. After dedicating most of her career to older adults, she established Senior Industry Professionals, Inc. in 2008 and became editor and publisher for the 55+ publication Not Born Yesterday! in 2009. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Biola University, is a certified RCFE administrator and an instructor for Assisted Living Education.

Karen McCarterKaren McCarter is the owner/president of Aloette Cosmetics in Southern California, one of America’s leading direct sales beauty companies, specializing in scientifically advanced skin care and makeup with good-for-your-skin ingredients. Karen started as a beauty consultant in 1984 and by 1987 had purchased her own franchise, which has grossed over $20 million dollars in sales. The cosmetic industry and business community have honored her countless times, both locally and nationally, for her contributions.

Karen’s love for people and passion for her business have helped her spread her message through schools, prison ministries, and community service groups. Karen continues to empower women to believe in their own individual worth and teach them that you’re never to old to learn the fundamentals of good skin care.

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